About the Fanwood Rescue Squad

FRS headquarters
FRS headquarters

The Fanwood Rescue Squad is a non-profit, all volunteer organization. It was formed in 1948 by several members of the Fanwood Fire Company who felt that the Borough needed its own Rescue Squad. Prior to that time, the service was provided by neighboring communities, particularly Scotch Plains. Charter membership at that time was 30. During this time the squad was housed in the Fire Hall (detailed squad history here).

   The present Rescue Squad building, located at 123 Watson Road, was constructed in 1977 with the help of the volunteer members. It provides two vehicle bays, bathrooms, office, storerooms, a meeting/training room and a small kitchen. Following the lengthy power outages caused by a tornado in 1999, a backup generator was installed. For more on the building's construction, click here.

   Currently the Rescue Squad owns two ambulances: a 2001 Road Rescue and a 2009 Braun and a full complement of necessary emergency equipment including semi-automatic defibrillators.

   The current membership varies between 30 and 40 volunteers who serve in many capacities in the organization from answering emergencies to building and ambulance maintenance, administration, community service, website and desktop publishing. A number of members are also members of the volunteer fire company. Night-time hours (11PM-6AM) are staffed by crews committed to respond during these hours.

Steve Siegal & Patty Buckridee
Steve Siegal & Patty Buckridee


  • President: Steve Siegal
  • Vice President: Jeff Downing
  • Treasurer: Bob Kruthers
  • Recording Secretary: Jamie Pedinoff
  • Corresponding Secretary: Karolyn Buckridee
  • Chaplain: Karolyn Buckridee
  • Historian: Tom Kranz
  • Trustees: Tom Kranz, Jamie Pedinoff & Jeff Carr
  • Delegates: Karolyn Buckridee, Ian Lewis & Nancy D'Ambrosio
  • Alternate Delegates: Patty Buckridee, Joan Lozowski & Brian Downing



  • Captain: Patty Buckridee
  • 1st Lt: Nancy Mustachio
  • 2nd Lt: Rob Villegas
  • Sergeant: Ian Lewis
  • Training Officer: Melissa Padulsky