People Who Have Written Our History

Alphabetical photo gallery

Past Presidents and Captains

1948: John Yarnell(p), William Mathews(c)
1949: Harold Millwater(p), William Mathews(c)
1950: Harold Millwater(p), William Mathews(c)
1951: William Mathews(p), Harold Millwater(c)
1952: George Goudy(p), William Mathews(c)
1953: Vincent D'Aloisio/John Kraus(p), William Mathews(c)
1954: C.S. Burns(p), Joseph Menzoff(c)
1955: C.S. Burns(p), Joseph Menzoff(c)
1956: Ivan Hill(p), Earl Huffsmith(c)
1957: Ivan Hill(p), C.S. Burns(c)
1958: Ivan Hill(p), C.S. Burns(c)
1959: Wilbur Childers(p), William Mathews(c)
1960: Wilbur Childers(p), William Mathews(c)
1961: Wilbur Childers(p), William Crosby(c)
1962: Ronald Bork(p), William Crosby(c)
1963: Robert Rau(p), William Crosby(c)
1964: Robert Rau(p), Cyrus Twitchell(c)
1965: Robert Rau(p), Cyrus Twitchell(c)
1966: C.S. Burns(p), Cyrus Twitchell(c)
1967: William Crosby(p), Jack Mersereau(c)
1968: William Crosby(p), Jack Mersereau(c)
1969: William Crosby(p), James Lavelle(c)
1970: Cyrus Twitchell(p), James Lavelle(c)
1971: Cyrus Twitchell(p), James Lavelle(c)
1972: Cyrus Twitchell(p), James Russell
1973: James Lavelle(p), James Russell(c)
1974: James Lavelle(p), Robert Scala(c)
1975: James Russell(p), Robert Scala(c)
1976: James Russell(p), Al Lindgren(c)
1977: Robert Scala(p), Al Lindgren(c)
1978: Robert Scala(p), Harry Mee(c)
1979: John Voelker(p), Harry Mee/William Winey(c)
1980: John Voelker(p), William Winey
1981: Nancy D'Ambrosio(p), William Winey(c)
1982: Nancy D'Ambrosio(p), William Winey(c)
1983: William Crosby(p), Larry Andrews(c)
1984: William Crosby(p), Larry Andrews(c)
1985: William Crosby(p), Hope Walton(C)
1986: William Winey(p), Hope Walton(c)
1987: Pat Governor(p), William Winey(c)
1988: Pat Governor(p), William Winey(c)
1989: Pat Governor(p), William Winey(c)
1990: Al Lindgren(p), Nancy D'Ambrosio(c)
1991: Al Lindgren(p), Nancy D'Ambrosio(c)
1992: Al Lindgren(p), Patricia Winey(c)
1993: James Russell(p), Patricia Winey(c)
1994: James Russell(p), Susan Davis(c)
1995: James Russell(p), Susan Davis(c)
1996: William Crosby(p), Susan Davis(c)
1997: William Crosby(p), Jeffrey Downing(c)
1998: William Crosby(p), Jeffrey Downing(c)
1999: John Oatis(p), Jeffrey Downing(c)
2000: John Oatis(p), Susan Davis(c)
2001: John Oatis(p), Susan Davis(c)
2002: Ed Sargent(p), Susan Davis(c)
2003: Ed Sargent(p), Nancy D'Ambrosio(c)
2004: Tom Kranz(p), Nancy D'Ambrosio(c)
2005: Stephen Siegal(p), Nancy D'Ambrosio(c)
2006: Stephen Siegal(p), Jeffrey Downing(c)
2007: John Oatis(p), Jeffrey Downing(c)
2008: John Oatis(p), Melissa Padulsky(c)
2009: John Oatis (p), Melissa Padulsky (c)
2010: Tom Kranz (p), Melissa Padulsky (c)
2011: Nancy Mustachio (p), Tom Kranz (c)
2012: Nancy Mustachio (p), Tom Kranz (c)
2013: Nancy Mustachio (p), Tom Kranz (c)
2014: Steve Siegal (p), Patty Buckridee (c)
2015: Steve Siegal (p), Patty Buckridee (c)
2016: Steve Siegal (p), Patty Buckridee (c)
2017: Jeff Downing ()p), Nancy Mustachio (c)

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